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illustration of n Southern California in the 1950s and early '60s, young Chicanos created a car style called
illustration of It inspired by the colorful and energetic London. The diversities of the sounds penetrate to every corner of the city, which they orchestrate a beautiful symphony.
illustration of The design concept for this 2016 Phoenix Best of valley issue is to create a comic book style cover and designed a superhero specific for Phoenix Magazine. The goal is to design a cover that would draw immediate attention also trigger the unique feeling of Arizona by using familiar color palette.
illustration of Eugene Weekly 2016 The Dance Issue
illustration of Throughout recorded history, question have been posed about why we are here, and what the purpose is of our lives.American psychologist Abraham Maslow offered his opinion about this important question.
illustration of England psychologist Donald Broadbent concludes that Information from the senses is briefly held and filtered by the short-term memories and select one piece of information for attention.
illustration of Howard Schultz and his coffee empire.
illustration of Magic, time, power, compoundinterest, investment
illustration of pokemongo, NYC, augmented, game
illustration of shibuya, japan, pokemongo, augmented,game,
illustration of pokemongo, augmented, game, london, UK, cityscape
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illustration of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by Frank Baum

Chapter I
illustration of Vespa, scooter, travel, italy, world
illustration of Hiroki Nakamura is a Japanese fashion designer, he is the founder of Visvim, an apparel brand which is famous for its high quality fabric and century-old dyeing technique. The shoe in this picture is his most iconic design FBT.
illustration of Chaos theory proposes that complex system are highly sensitive to initial condition, this theory also popularly referred to as the butterfly effect.Scientists proposed an idea that butterfly flapping wings in Japan might start a chain of reaction that leads to tornado in the U.S.
illustration of time, passingby, gently,girl
illustration of Food is a very important part of the culture during Edo period. During the Edo period different classes were having different kinds of food, and the diversity of the cuisine culture at that time greatly impact what Japanese people are eating today. Here in this picture is Tokugawa Ieyasu enjoying his premium dish, specially cooked for the Shogun by using seasonal ingredients.
illustration of Tea ceremony is a Japanese activity of preparation and presentation of green tea. During the 250 year peaceful time people were gathered more often therefor the art of tea ceremony was pushed to a new level.
illustration of Noh is a form of Japanese musical drama, the dancers often required to use gestures and movements to express his or her emotions under the mask. Many Noh theaters were built during the Edo period and people loved to watch these shows as there pass-time activities.
illustration of Japan is famous for its woodblock prints, during the Edo period many new genres of books were published, people during the peaceful time demanded more leisure activities. Woodblock prints artists produced manga, portraits even shunga( erotic art) for the public to enjoy.
illustration of In 1908, Wright brothers did their flying demonstration in France which was a huge success, gaining world wide attention for their contributions to the aviation industry. Wilbur Wright won the Coupe De Michelin Trophy for breaking the record of flying more than 62 miles.
illustration of George R.R.Martin and his fantasy world, Game of Thrones.
illustration of Austrian neurologist Sigmund Freud was a cigar lover, He sometimes had as much as 20 cigars a day.
illustration of German composer Beethoven loves coffee, he counts 60 coffee beams to brew his coffee.
illustration of French poet and novelist Victor Hugo regularly washed himself with over night iced water.
illustration of English novelist Jane Austen wrote her stories on very small paper to avoid other people find out she was actually a writer.
illustration of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung build himself a stone house (Bollingen tower) has no modern equipment such as electricity and gases. He spent a lot of time there thinking and relaxing.
illustration of Virtual Reality, playing games,  children, feeling real.
illustration of Antarctica, ocean, penguins, ferry, icy cube, transportation
illustration of children, education, model, geography, geology, learning
illustration of Architecture,architect, repair, building, model,
illustration of Mixed Media, Action, Adventure, Character Development, Children, People, Scientific, Technology, Transportation, Travel
illustration of Digital, Line with Color, Adventure, Corporate, Landscape, Posters, Transportation, Travel, Lifestyle, Branding
illustration of An illustration for the Arts & Entertainment section of The Wall Street Journal.
illustration of Travel can be more interesting and convenient!
illustration of Digital, Line with Color, Children, Children's Books, Editorial, Family, Leisure, People, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle
illustration of Phoenix, magazine, editorial, landscape, events, celebrate, band,music, food truck, cover, people, spring,
illustration of An illustration for an article on PRINT Magazine Spring 2016 Issue. The article is about the Evolution of Fame in the New Media Age among graphic designers.
article, editorial,graphic designers, status, media
illustration of teenager, leave, home, kafka, novel, crow
illustration of fashion,designer, monkey, animal, newyear, zodiac, fitting, editorial, digital, line and color, magazine, cover,character,
illustration of dine-out, order food, eat meat, vegetables, restaurant, food, choice, menu
illustration of timeflies, grownup, swing, children, youth, teenager, playground, time change
illustration of Futuristic fishing technology, people's life, daily work
illustration of Animal, film, editorial, entertainment, fever, humor, digital,trend,lifestyle, movie,poster,
illustration of donuts, editorial, diet, people, humor, food, temptation, sugar, lifestyle
illustration of cats, dog, pet, lifestyle, editorial, digital, line and color, animal, cute, article, trend, kitty,
illustration of smoking, law, legal age, California, youth. lifestyle, editorial, digital, firefighter,
illustration of food, beverage, breakfast, lunch, dinner, lifestyle, eating, habit, diet, health, editorial, workday, daily, routine,
illustration of Digital, Book Covers, Editorial, Leisure, People, Portrait, Posters, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle
illustration of Digital, Figurative, Comic Book, Editorial, People, Portrait, Posters, Lifestyle
illustration of For the Sundance Film Festival takes place in Park City, Ut. Made for Salt Lake City Weekly
illustration of Cartoon, Digital, Animals, Book Covers, Children, Editorial, Fantasy, Holidays, Posters, Youth
illustration of Chinese Festival Series: Mid-Autumn Festival. The lady is the fairy named Chang'e and she is surrounded by her rabbit pets eating moon cakes.
illustration of It is a project commissioned by Phoenix Magazine, regarding to a article about the scam issues of Vemma Nutrition Company.
illustration of Illustration for Ballena Blanca Magazine, about climate change.
illustration of Restaurant of the future? Service with an impersonal touch.
illustration of Special issue for The Sublime Zine Magazine.
illustration of Design, Digital, Book Covers, Computers, Posters, Product, Scientific, Sci-Fi, Technology, Lifestyle
illustration of Cartoon, Digital, Humor, Celebrities, Children, Comic Book, Fantasy, Holidays, People, Posters


I'm Zijun, born in China and studied illustration in New York. I had a very traditional painting background such as oil painting and drawing. Back then my major inspirations were from the old masters of the Europeans. Once I started doing commercial illustration, I’m trying to combine a more playful and humorous style because I found a great joy making people laugh. Therefore I expand my inspirations to comic book, Japanese prints and entertainment industry. No matter how much I’ve learned, there is always great knowledge and inspirations to be discovered. So I consider myself as a life-long student of art and culture.


Cartoon, Design, Digital, Figurative, Line with Color, Mixed Media, Pen & Ink, Film/Entertainment


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