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Just Fine

Pacific Style Icon Head for Single Music track marketing & branding

Keywords: Digital, Figurative, Graphic, Logo Design, Decorative, Health, Music, Nature, Feminine, Branding

© John Ashworth

Spirit Dancer

Spirit Health Dance Festival Poster Icon

Keywords: Figurative, Graphic, Logo Design, Health, Icons, Mystery, Feminine, Spiritual, Ethnic, Branding

© John Ashworth


Iconic image for Dance Event Poster

Keywords: Collage, Figurative, Line with Color, Mixed Media, Stylized, Icons, Music, Nature, Posters, Feminine

© John Ashworth


Futuristic Mysterious Sci-Fi Hi tec Logo

Keywords: Digital, Graphic, Logo Design, Stylized, CGI, Fantasy, Futuristic, Sci-Fi, Edgy, Branding

© John Ashworth


Album Cover Art for Surf Band

Keywords: Figurative, Graphic, Lettering, Logo Design, Vector, Health, Icons, Sports, Feminine, Branding

© John Ashworth


Blackbeard Pirate Image created for Pirates Exhibition at National Maritime Museum London UK

Keywords: Caricature, Gouache, Graphic, Mixed Media, Film/Entertainment, Action, Adventure, Comic Book, Education, Historical

© John Ashworth

Aromatherapy Angel

Logo Icon for Aromatherapist

Keywords: Digital, Figurative, Pen & Ink, Fantasy, Fashion/Cosmetics, Mystery, Packaging, Feminine, Spiritual, Branding

© John Ashworth

Hawk Head

Peregrine Hawk Head Logo

Keywords: Digital, Graphic, Logo Design, Stylized, Vector, Icons, Nature, Wildlife, Edgy, Branding

© John Ashworth


Logo for Information Technology Company

Keywords: Caricature, Digital, Logo Design, Stylized, Corporate, Icons, Information Graphics, Scientific, Technology, Branding

© John Ashworth


Monkey Logo for Branding & marketing of Pacificwaverider Music Track of the same name.

Keywords: Cartoon, Digital, Graphic, Logo Design, Stylized, Animals, Icons, Nature, Wildlife, Branding

© John Ashworth

John Ashworth


Versatile image creator creating customised memorable images that communicate successfully for each unique client.


Caricature, Cartoon, Collage, Digital, Figurative, Gouache, Graphic, Lettering, Line with Color, Logo Design, Mixed Media, Pen & Ink, Stylized, Decorative, Film/Entertainment, CGI, Vector


Action, Adventure, Animals, Comic Book, Corporate, Education, Fantasy, Fashion/Cosmetics, Futuristic, Health, Historical, Icons, Information Graphics, Music, Mystery, Nature, Packaging, Posters, Scientific, Sci-Fi, Sports, Technology, Wildlife, Feminine, Spiritual, Ethnic, Edgy, Branding