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Paul Jackson


I have been working as a freelance Creative for 40 years. I specialise in imaginative faerie tale images. These I portray in Porcelain, Paper, Pen and the spoken word. As a Sculptor, Illustrator, writer and Storyteller. More recently blending these disciplines together. I take commissions on Sculptures and Book illustrations and the 'Spoken word'. This years commissions have been a multi media project on the painter Turner. A Book project with 12 illustrations based on natural labyrinths in a forest and lastly I am working on a performance based around world mythology and what is often referred too as The Land Beneath the Waves. The performance includes stories about 'Selkies' (seal People) Mermaids and The Lord of the ocean. Its about life and death, retribution and finally reconciliation. It is also an exhibition with porcelain sculptures and illustrations of the main Protagonists and their Land and Waterscapes.