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Indian Springs Vineyards

Wine Label for Hog Wild Red wine.

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Hand Lettered and fun is what they asked for.

Jerianne Van Dijk

Jerianne Van Dijk

illustration of Red Fox with a sweet personality. Created for a greeting card. Fox,Red,nature,animal,wildlife
illustration of illustration,watercolor,crayon,octopus reading,newspaper,red,sea life
illustration of Sweet peas, flowers, teapot, old fashioned coloring, vintage teapot, blooms, Pink, purple, magenta, painted ceramic, bouquet, pastel
illustration of Created this poster for a San Francisco festival,Vintage look,grapes, vines,hand-lettering,festival logo, wine.
illustration of Lily pads, pond, water, reeds, reflections, sun on the water, stream, blue, greens, watery, watercolor
illustration of Venetian Masks, eyes, decorative, Mardi Gras, lips, eyes, mystery, faces, painted faces, ornate masks.carnival.
illustration of Red, Pink, Flowers, Hollyhocks, botanical, floral, vertical, buds, white flower, leaves,
illustration of Ornate, detailed. Gifts, Seasonal, Christmas,Victorian,ribbon,bows,satan boxes,
packages,tree, wrap,stocking,fruit basket,shiny beads. Vintage
illustration of Leaves, Fall, Fall colors, Pond, Puddle, reflection, trees, water, sky blue, yellows, orange,birch leaves, dried leaves. seasonal
illustration of Romantic,roses,arbor,garden,doorway,old style.entry,floral,cottage, entry, stone steps, cottage windows, pastels hollyhocks, shrubbery white wooden fence, gate post
illustration of Patio, bench, shade, deep blue, stone bench, garden furniture, flowers,landscape, pastels, pink, contrast sunny, impressionistic, watercolor, flowering bush, brick walkway
illustration of Watercolor, roses,three roses. cabbage roses. pink, pastel, garden, growing
illustration of Statue, hand, classic sculpture, grey, flowers, luminous, roses, bouquet, fingers, romantic.
illustration of Lilies, white, botanical, Easter, blooms, flowers, decorative, label, three lilies, watercolor
illustration of Watercolor fine art for gallery
illustration of Theater, Marquee, Christmas, moon, night, neon lights, street scene, vintage, retro, small town,gaslamp,
illustration of Vineyards, morning light. Greens,pastels, sky,wine, landscape,romantic.
illustration of Watercolor, lush garden, sweet, antique iron gate, Victorian,landscape, flowers, walkway, entrance
illustration of Water, Nature,flow,river, stream, tranquil, rocks, riverbanks,river rocks,environment,peaceful.
illustration of Spring, Daffodils,garden party,old fashioned, children, figures,bridge,flowers, blooms
illustration of Fine art, watercolor and crayon, gallery owrk
illustration of Chefs, woman, cooking, pans, kitchen, culinary, chef hats, food preparation. Cuisine
illustration of Flowers, Tea Setting,friendship
illustration of Vintage 40's, hat, woman with a hat, restaurant, dining, stylish, fashion, era, flowers, lunch, entertainment
illustration of Romantic depiction of a historic Victorian house in my town
illustration of Painter, Plein air painter, Easel, foothills, artist, woman, women with a hat, landscape, artbox, brushes
illustration of Created for a Domestic Violence sanctuary, Thorns, briars, children, woman, dove, sky
illustration of Hanging Laundry, play, woman, children, white sheets, clothesline, yard, laundry basket.
illustration of Tasting Wine, chefs, old kitchen, ethnic chefs, wine, aprons, words tasty yummy,cuisine, cooking,
kitchen, cooking, teaching cooking. food prep
illustration of motorcycle, pig, hog, wild, sunglasses, vineyard.
illustration of Ghosts,children dressed as ghosts, costumes, pumpkins, black cat, moon, fence, trees,sidewalk.
illustration of Created as poster art. Published personally
illustration of Poster Art for San Francisco Festival
illustration of Buffalo,herd of buffalo,nature, wildlife,prairie,clouds,
illustration of Alligators, music, accordion,cowboy boots,guitar,saxophone,sunglasses,
illustration of Infant boy twins, capes, sleepers, bed sheets, flashlight, wooden sword
illustration of Young Twin Boys, bed, pillows, flashlights, cloud sheets
illustration of Figurative, Fine Art, Realism, Watercolor, Decorative, Book Covers, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, People
illustration of Bird, flamingo, nature, wildlife, pink,water.
illustration of Rooster, grapes, leaf,tall
illustration of Dog Character created for a campaign/products for children in Hospitals
illustration of Landscape,nursery rhyme image,egg, storybook illustration for textiles.
illustration of Illustrated Nursery Rhymes. foxes,storybook,pail.
illustration of Large sunflower, girl watering plant, gate, straw hat.Lettering, imagination
illustration of Bunnies, reading, book, nature,
illustration of Bunnies, Rabbits,Buubbles, bathtub, bathroom, soap
illustration of Bunny,Rabbit,bathroom,bathtub,bubbles,soap.
illustration of Bunnies, rabbits,bubbles,t-shirts,blowing bubbles, childrens books
illustration of Wine Label for Indian Springs Wines
illustration of Retro Halloween look created for a textile company.
illustration of Oval, Pink, feather, grapes,leaves, roses
illustration of watercolor and ink, chef, wine, poster art,licensed for various products
illustration of animals,bear,rabbit,raccoon,squirrel, gardening,garden tools, spring, trees,woods, happy,celebrating spring,hand lettering
illustration of Line art with color, bears,sleeping,bed,night,cozy,story book art


Jerianne Van Dijk is a Northern California based artist working for a range of national clients in print and textiles. Her wide range of styles includes entirely hand lettered posters and wine labels. personal artworks include architecture, floral and mural work.


Animation, Caricature, Cartoon, Conceptual, Design, Figurative, Fine Art, Gouache, Graphic, Impressionistic, Lettering, Line, Line with Color, Logo Design, Mixed Media, Painterly, Pen & Ink, Realism, Storyboards, Stylized, Texture, Type Design, Watercolor, Decorative, Floral, Whimsical, Concept Art, Crayon


Humor, Adventure, Animals, Annual Report, Architecture, Book Covers, Botanical, Character Development, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Editorial, Education, Family, Fantasy, Food, Greeting Cards, Historical, Holidays, Landscape, Leisure, Licensing, Mural, Mystery, Nature, Packaging, People, Portrait, Posters, Product, Romance, Sci-Fi, Still Life, Textiles, Toys & Games, Travel, Web Design, Web Illustration, Wildlife, Americana, Agriculture, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Spiritual, Youth, Ethnic, Environmental, Urban, Branding, Surface Design