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Turning seawater into jet fuel

Personal piece inspired from an article from Wired Magazine titled - Blue Gold: Turning seawater into jet fuel.

© Grant Lynas

Global Warming

Personal piece based on global warming

© Grant Lynas

Christmas card

Christmas card titled 'Out of this world'. Designed for Christ Church Central, Sheffield, U.K.

© Grant Lynas

Mental health and urban cities

Personal piece inspired by BBC Focus' magazine article entitled 'Are Cities bad for our mental health?'

© Grant Lynas

House of Cards

Illustration designed for Little White Lies, House of Cards limited edition playing cards. Check out the article below:

© Grant Lynas

Live By Night film poster

Alternative film poster design for Ben Affleck's new film - Live By Night.

© Grant Lynas

© Grant Lynas

American Sniper

American Sniper film poster

© Grant Lynas

The humpback whale

Personal project based on the BBC's series Big Blue Live.

© Grant Lynas


Personal piece based on a cactus

© Grant Lynas

Grant Lynas


I am a Graphic Design (Illustration) graduate from Sheffield Hallam University, U.K. I am particularly interested in editorial, conceptual and film illustration. I combine traditional techniques with digital techniques such as Photoshop to create my illustrations. Do check out my portfolio, thanks.


Conceptual, Design, Digital, Graphic, Line, Mixed Media, Pencil, Stylized, Texture, Whimsical, Film/Entertainment


Humor, Animals, Children, Editorial, Education, Fantasy, Greeting Cards, Health, Landscape, Nature, Political, Posters, Religious, Scientific, Still Life, Wildlife, Edgy, Environmental