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Ana Garcia

Ana Garcia - Plum Pudding Illustration Agency

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Ana Garcia

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Ana García is a fortunate person who was able to transform her biggest hobby into her job. She was born in a small and beautiful city of gingerish stone called Salamanca, but she had to move to Madrid to work as an illustrator. When she was five years old she received as a gift a box with 48 crayons. She spent hours and hours in front of them watching and admiring the whole range of colours and shades. She still remember their penetrating smell. She started to work as an archaeological illustrator, but little by little she got lured by childrens illustration because of their lack of reality and freedom of perspective, colour and proportions. She likes drawing in ink, with pencils, watercolours, crayons, oil, tempera, charcoal, digital drawing programs … Summing up, SHE LIKES DRAWING (… and chocolate too). Currently she still lives in Madrid with her husband and little son (they also like chocolate…).


Digital, Stylized, Whimsical


Character Development, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products