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Ester Garay

illustration of Plum Pudding Illustration Agency - Ester Garay


Hello! This is Leela, and this next to me is Ester, my human. Not bad.. Her parents, a couple of scientists ( even if they can’t explain how i can be so cute indeed), say she has always been a creative and introspective girl. She is the youngest of three siblings, who are experts in pug complaints. Before she fulfilled her dream of living with a pug, she lived and studied short periods in Copenhagen and London, where she decided to try illustration, even though she previously graduated in Product design in her hometown, Barcelona. So she came back to Spain and took a postgraduate in Children’s books illustration while working as a technical draughtswoman for patents. From there on, she has worked for many Spanish publishers and thus she became a freelance, which makes her extremely happy!!


Digital, Figurative, Graphic, Photoillustration, Stylized


Adventure, Character Development, Children, Children's Books, Web Illustration