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Keywords: Acrylic, Pen & Ink, Whimsical, Humor, Family, Maps, People, Political, Technology, Lifestyle

Keywords: Acrylic, Pen & Ink, Humor, Editorial, Landscape, Leisure, Nature, People, Political, Lifestyle

Keywords: Pen & Ink, Humor, Action, Book Covers, Corporate, Education, People, Travel, Ethnic, Financial

Keywords: Pen & Ink, Humor, Editorial, People, Political, Lifestyle, Urban

Philippe Petit-Roulet

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Riley Illustration
200 Forest Glen Road
New Paltz, NY
United States


Minimalist, expressive, and brilliantly witty, Philippe takes economy of line to new heights. Whether working in animation or cartoons, his linear designs pack a conceptual punch. Combining philosophical genius and squeaky cuteness in a most unusual fashion. His current clients include The New Yorker, New York Times and Simon & Schuster.


Acrylic, Pen & Ink, Whimsical


Humor, Action, Book Covers, Corporate, Editorial, Education, Family, Landscape, Leisure, Maps, Nature, People, Political, Technology, Travel, Lifestyle, Ethnic, Financial, Urban