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The Shepherdess

Little girl and her Collie teaching a puppy collie how to herd

© Kimberly Soderberg

Cave Exploring

A Walrus rows his friend into a cave to see his favorite animals

© Kimberly Soderberg

Feeding Sea lions

Siblings feeding Sea lions

© Kimberly Soderberg

Children waiting for the bus

children playing in puddles while waiting for the bus

© Kimberly Soderberg

Octopus Sceintist

Octopus Scientist making potions

© Kimberly Soderberg

Family on a Safari

Family sees Rhino jumping into mud on safari

© Kimberly Soderberg

Ninja Pie Maker

a boy baking pies quickly like a ninja

© Kimberly Soderberg

Pie Ninja Delivery

A little boy delivering pie as a sneaky ninja

© Kimberly Soderberg

Igloo Beginning

Eskimo, Polar bear and puffin building an igloo

© Kimberly Soderberg

Igloo Middle

Eskimo, polar bear and puffin building a snowman

© Kimberly Soderberg

Igloo End

Eskimo, polar bear and puffin building an igloo

© Kimberly Soderberg

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