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Leanne Kroll - Technical Illustrator

illustration of A smart home isometric cutaway illustration that features technology throughout. Exterior and interior residential view with furniture and furnishings included.
animation of A step-by-step animated guide on how to install a flooring underlay product. The components were 3D modeled and the animated video rendered.
illustration of A cutaway view of the mobile services tractor trailer for the Humane Society of America. The illustration depicts veterinarians assisting pet owners at the mobile pop up station, as well as storage of kennels in the truck bed.
illustration of A large industry document assessing various quick service restaurants in the vertical of burgers. The data showcased customer experience across various restaurants and was designed to represent a simplistic understanding of complex results.
animation of Leanne Kroll completed the characters and illustrations for this promotional video for a pharmaceutical start-up company. All storyboards of content was completed, followed by the vector artwork of all characters and icons. A third party company put the filmed talent and artwork together.
illustration of Toyota created a coffee table book that required a visual to depict the future of automotive technology and how renewable resources could play into our distopian future. The infographic connects the various renewable energies with the vehicle types that are apart of what could be our future world.
illustration of Isometric cutaway view of an editorial illustration depicting P3 in the construction industry. The P3 letters depict the architecture of a building under construction.
illustration of A transport truck phantom view illustrating the engine, motor and all details under the hood. This project was to depict a semi-truck with environmentally friendly, aerodynamic futuristic features.
illustration of This lawn mower exploded view was used in the product's instruction manual that was distributed with the product and also included numerous how-to step illustrations.
illustration of An illustration that depicts through cutaway detailing, how a sewer is cleared of debris. This underground view of the sewer shows water forcing dirt out with a pump system and moving it to a holding tank above ground. Trucks then take the holding tank full of dirt away for disposal.
illustration of A map of the United States and Canada that showcases the number of electric car charging stations over a certain period of time.
illustration of This Hospital cutaway illustration reveal the interior rooms and equipment components. Produced for a corporate client, this illustration depicts all the company's industrial, technology and mechanical components that they sell.
illustration of An exploded view showing the main components of an air purifier product. The technical illustration was used in a user manual with the product.
illustration of A detailed illustration of the Toyota Prius under the hood. The featured item is the hybrid system shown in a phantom view. This automotive illustration has all the details!
illustration of A cutaway illustration of the mucell process for a corporate client. Features step by step zoom-in details showing how an injection moulded form is created as the end result of the process.
illustration of These side view technical illustrations are a comparison showing where a gravel truck should have the cover on the vehicle so no contents go flying out. This was used in a training guide for drivers.
illustration of An infographic visual that depicts the number of electric vehicles on the road over a certain time period.
illustration of A conceptual illustration of a peacock using technical components to create the bird digitally. This illustration was used for promotional purposes.
illustration of The TransHab, a conceptual living quarters for astronauts on the International Space Station. Multiple illustrations were created to depict the exterior and interior of this living environment in space.
illustration of A product line of airport security products featured in their environment. Scanners, x-ray machines, 3D body scanners, etc. to promote the products a corporate company invented.
illustration of This piece of a larger infographic shows the number of residential houses using plugsharing - a tool to find residential electric vehicle owners where anyone can charge their vehicle.
illustration of A stylized acrylic and digital illustration of a Volkswagon engine using creative elements for a promotional piece.
illustration of Office building illustrated to show the heating, cooling and mechanical systems to promote a corporate client's products and technology.
illustration of A phantom view of a Honda Dirtbike showing the exhaust, shocks and suspension. Not a detail is missed in this automotive illustration.
illustration of Apart of a larger user manual with the product, this illustration features a thermostat being used. Technical details for these types of illustrations have to be very accurate and included how-to instructions for programming the thermostat.
illustration of Apart of a larger infographic design, this section featured the 2 types of mainstream charging stations for electric vehicles and the number being used to a certain date.
illustration of Used as the main illustration on product packaging this illustration features the airflow of the sock product including a visual showing the layers of fabric in this high-end sock.
illustration of Inspired by a trip to see this bridge, this technical illustration depicts details of an old railway trestle bridge. The illustration was used for promotional purposes.
illustration of This office with adjacent warehouse show a cutaway to reveal the interior components. Created for a corporate client, this illustration depicts all the company's industrial and technology components that they sell.
illustration of This exploded view illustration was used for a training manual for streetcar drivers and depicts a gear box and all it's components.
illustration of This infographic design for a magazine features details around the rising condo boom in Canada and shows statistics on it's growth by geographic location or city.
illustration of This infographic design for a magazine features details around the rising condo boom in Canada and shows the price a condo costs versus the size of the floor plan, broken down by geographic location or city.
illustration of A stylized acrylic and digital illustration of a Volkswagon engine using creative elements for a promotional piece.
illustration of A how-to instruction manual with technical illustrations showing how to put a fan together. This product guide shows step-by-step instructions in a single page layout.


Leanne Kroll is a Technical Illustrator with a Bachelor’s Degree of Applied Arts in Illustration (Honours) from Sheridan College in Canada. She lives in the Greater Toronto Area. She’s had the pleasure to work with such clients as Toyota, National Geographic School Publishers, Clinique, Holmes Magazine, Canadian Tire (Polan Waski) and the Toronto Transit Commission. With the ability to illustrate traditionally or digitally, Leanne’s process typically begins with research and preliminary sketches. Working closely with her clients, the process then moves to more concrete illustrations/designs through to the final piece.


Acrylic, Animation, Collage, Conceptual, Design, Digital, Graphic, Lettering, Line, Line with Color, Painterly, Realism, Storyboards, Stylized, Technical, Texture, Vector


Animals, Annual Report, Architecture, Character Development, Corporate, Editorial, Health, Industrial, Information Graphics, Maps, Medical, Nature, Product, Science, Scientific, Sci-Fi, Technology, Transportation, Lifestyle, Urban, Branding