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Might, Myth and Magic of an Artistic Universe

Front cover artwork for the book Might, Myth and Magic of an Artistic Universe, containing a body of work by artist Marcus Sprigens, with descriptions by Prof. Dr. Volker Fischer.

© Sprigens

The Gathering

This image depicts pareidolian, archetypal and mythological entities, gathering to listen to a reading from the book of life, conducted by the invisible mask-wearing Psyche. Gathered, in a princely setting, a miracle arena of wonders biological, mineral and atmospheric are seen, along with cultural artefacts, past and present.

© Sprigens

The Trojan Horse

The Trojan Horse stands in a field of archetypal and mythological creatures that seem to belong more to the legends and the demi-mondes of JR Tolkien than to the ancient epic of Homer. The background at the image’s centre is lightened, so that an almost baroque illusionary space arises. The Cosmos that the artist has applied to this image resets Homer’s Trojan Horse, to its original context of mythology, exculpated from rational classicism.

© Sprigens

Audience at the Temple

In this image, the artist portrays an un-earthly assembly. The depiction seems like an apotheosis or an animalistic last judgement. The title “Audience at the Temple” also reminds one of the heavenly temple of Jerusalem in the old testament, or a divine temple of the Gods. This panoramic image cultivates a baroque perspective of church domes, where the attendant figures, man and beast are bright and expectant, growing lighter to the centre, acting as heavenly guides to an unknown paradise.

© Sprigens

The Mantle

Mythological and archetypal pareidolia are embedded into otherworldly landscapes conjoined by a surreal floating Mantle.

© Sprigens

Unexpected Guests

Roots, lianas and snakes connect and embrace each other, staging their struggle for life within a medusa-like throng. Depictions of evolutionary possibilities are brought into existence, atomic and cosmic energies bring forth life with a resulting diversity of primeval beings and more complex species appearing around a vortex spiral. Entities drawn in from alternate dimensions, cross-converging otherwise separated worlds.

© Sprigens

The Lost World

This work depicts a fragmented, ruinous landscape with rudimentary remnants of civilizations from the distant past. Nature’s increasingly overgrown primeval forests reconquer the urban spaces over the memory of relic advanced cultures. Even the pyramids in their glimpse of everlasting time periods, are reduced to insignificant testimonies of former human hubris. Deluge, rockfalls and earthquakes are addressed at the same time, in a paradisiacal jungle world.

© Sprigens

Archaic Remnants of the Human Psyche

Painted in pale primary colours, this picture creates a teeming tide pool of psychogenetic memory flashes with its masks, skeletons, animals, architectural fragments and symbols of ancient cults and religions. Prehistoric and eschatological references combine with crystalline structures into a scattered cosmos of fractured uniformity.

© Sprigens

Fallen Angel

This image of a “Fallen Angel” depicting the winding clutches of the devil, was inspired by a statue made in 1877 by Ricardo Bellver, that is in Retiro Park, Madrid. In dark yet bright baroque manner, the artist has captured the despair and hopelessness of being outcast, fully dispelled by God.

© Sprigens


This image is a combination of long exposure UV photography, special effects make-up, digital drawing, sculpture and pencil illustration to depict a character in a fantasy realm environment.

© Sprigens



Sprigens is an artist, graphic designer, illustrator and painter who combines Middle Ages, Ancient Iconography and Pop, Surrealism and Psychedelic Art, Black Romanticism and Fantasy Realism. He studied at Harrow Art College in Brookhill, Middlesex and thereafter at Brunel University in Uxbridge, London. Here Sprigens acquired a Degree in International Business. After his studies, he founded his own design company Psiberia and for the next ten years specialized in industry cover artwork and advertising. Amongst his clients in this period were Sony and the Sci-Fi Channel, Clinique and Bloomberg as well as numerous CD labels such as Sanctuary Records, Megadeth, Flying Rhino Records, Big Life Music and Uriah Heep. Even in this time the work of Sprigens was characterized by a tendency towards dark edged phantasmagoria, showing optimistic abysses with pessimistic euphoria; a slope that has intensified in his paintings and drawings over the last ten years.


Abstract, Acrylic, Black & White, Digital, Fine Art, Graphic, Oil, Pen & Ink, Pencil, Storyboards, Stylized, Concept Art


Adventure, Book Covers, Children's Books, Comic Book, Fantasy, Icons, Mystery, Religious, Web Illustration, Spiritual, Ethnic, Edgy