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Park Ice-cream

Park Ice-cream Teens

© Lyn Dylan

Fast Food Queue

Fast Food Queue People

© Lyn Dylan

Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman Ladies Fashion

© Lyn Dylan

Lounge Reading

Lounge Reading Girls Room

© Lyn Dylan

Students Phones

Students Phones Walking

© Lyn Dylan

Cafe Room

Cafe Room Students

© Lyn Dylan

Beach Fun

Beach Fun Acrobat People Family Holidays

© Lyn Dylan

Sofa People

Sofa People Students Meeting

© Lyn Dylan

Windy Beach Kids

Windy Beach Kids

© Lyn Dylan

Library Students

Library Student People

© Lyn Dylan

Lyn Dylan

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Sylvie Poggio Artists
36 Haslemere Road
London, N8 9RB
United Kingdom


Lyn Dylan is a professional figurative illustrator, who works both digitally and with pencil & brush, specialising in books for the childrens & teenage market. She has over 25 years of experience working for publishing clients worldwide including Macmillan (Africa & Caribbean), Harcourt, Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Sen Press, Happy Cat Paperbacks and Pearsons. She lives in the South of England & works from a studio in the bottom of her garden.


Digital, Figurative, Mixed Media, Realism, Texture


Adventure, Children's Books, Editorial, Education, Family, Fashion/Cosmetics, Food, Holidays, Landscape, Leisure, People, Romance, Textiles, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Feminine, Youth, Environmental