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Taste of Sugar

Pinup art of a Latina Sugar Skull Aztec girl, in honor of the Day of the Dead.

© Richard Huante


Retro themed pinup girl, celebrating the rockabilly lifestyle.

© Richard Huante

Marauders Tactical Girl

Tactical, military themed pinup girl. This is a T-Shirt design for a client.

© Richard Huante

The Pearl Hunter

Ocean themed fantasy pinup art.

© Richard Huante

Ultra Pure Girl

Super hero pinup character concept design for a butane company.

© Richard Huante

Fitness Mom

Character pinup design of an athletic, fitness conscience mother. Client asked for an independent, self-empowered woman in this design.

© Richard Huante

All American Girl

Patriotic themed pinup art of a beautiful blonde woman.

© Richard Huante

Strange Majik

Spooky, Halloween inspired pinup art of a sexy witch.

© Richard Huante

La Lechuza

Pinup art of a "Lechuza", or owl, popularized in Latino folklore as a harbinger of doom.

© Richard Huante

Work Tie

Pinup art of a sexy office girl wearing a tie and glasses.

© Richard Huante

Black Cat

Pinup art of the popular comic book character and villain.

© Richard Huante

Gotham Gal

Pinup art of the popular comic book character and hero.

© Richard Huante

Ivy League

A pinup rendition of a cosplayer's version of a popular comic book character.

© Richard Huante

La Llorona

A mythical character in Hispanic folklore, La Llorona (The Crying Woman) is said to roam the river banks searching for her deceased children. This is my pinup interpretation of her.

© Richard Huante

Pinup Leia

Grownup version of your favorite sci-fi movie heroine.

© Richard Huante

NeeNee's Import's Belly Dancers

These pinup styled belly dancers were turned into fun, wearable aprons for my client's online store.

© Richard Huante

Omega Sentinel

Pinup portrait art of a cosplayer's version of a comic book character.

© Richard Huante


Pinup art of the girl you grew up watching in your favorite musical.

© Richard Huante


Pinup art of a Vegas burlesque entertainer.

© Richard Huante

Tequila Time

Design for a print featuring a Mexican pinup girl serving the drink of choice for Cinco de Mayo.

© Richard Huante

Chaos Campus Cover

A comic book cover design for a yet-to-be released edition. this comic series is a perfect fit for my pinup styled girl art.

© Richard Huante
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Richard Huante Design & Illustration


New age pinup art by Arizona based illustrator Richard Huante.


Cartoon, Design, Digital, Figurative, Realism


Action, Adventure, Book Covers, Character Development, Comic Book, Corporate, Fantasy, Futuristic, Historical, Holidays, Music, Mystery, People, Portrait, Posters, Product, Romance, Sci-Fi, Sports, Americana, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Ethnic, Edgy, Urban