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Josh McGill

illustration of A crew of scurvy pirates unearth their buried treasure while the island animals watch in amusement. Two monkeys, a crab, and a boa constrictor look on as a huge chest overflowing with a rich treasure of gold and jewels  is pulled from the beach. The pirates are ready to haul their plunder aboard and set sail across the sea once again.
illustration of Music inspires everyone especially children. Kaya and her friends in music class can't resist dancing when their teacher plays the guitar or the piano. It's even more fun when they get to play with the other musical instruments. Drums, triangles, cymbals, maracas, tambourines, and Arjun's saxophone fill the class room with expressive creative sound.
illustration of Scuba diving is an excellent adventure and physical activity. Fill an air tank and dawn some flippers. Take along a camera and amidst the floating bubbles you can capture all the wonder and beauty to be found in the ocean. Tropical fish, corals, anemones, sea turtles, crabs, octopus, and more swim and scurry beneath the waves. The waters contain endless fascination and inspiration, which is why underwater ecology must be preserved.
illustration of A trip to the amusement park at the Santa Monica pier is always fun. Families, adults, and children are all welcome to soar high above atop the Ferris wheel, or they can share the thrill of speed aboard the roller coaster. Sea gulls and dolphins are sure to add to the scenic view of the Pacific ocean.
illustration of One of three illustrations inspired by a dream. Animals are always fun, but even more so when they're dancing. It's difficult to find a more odd dance duo than an alligator and a pig. In my dream it was even more weird because they were wearing clothes like cartoons. Active and graceful in the midst of a forest set against a beautiful sunset. Not a bad way to spend an evening.
illustration of Long ago in Vietnam there lived an orphaned farm boy of remarkable kindness named Mai An Tiem. He was held in such high regard by so many across the land that even the great Emperor Hung the Eighteenth wished to meet him.  Mai An Tiem was invited to the royal palace where he was eventually adopted as a beloved son of the Emperor.
illustration of One of three illustrations inspired by a dream. A bright full moon is one of the most beautiful and amazing sights in all of nature. It's even more of a wonder for the mind and the eyes when it's surrounded by stars filling the night sky. In my weird and wonderful dream I saw a character flying through the night sky, playing among the brightest stars and comets.
illustration of Advertisement graphic design for children's products. Watch bands with various themes and colors.
illustration of One of three illustrations inspired by a dream. In my weird and wonderful dream I saw the sea shore with lush palm trees and waves crashing against the sand. I also saw a young boy arm wrestling with an octopus. Now I know that an octopus doesn't have any bones, so I think the kid had the distinct advantage. Still the octopus seemed to attempt a challenge. Perhaps the winner would be awarded a pearl from one of the nearby yawning oysters mingled in the sandy beach.
illustration of The ancient Egyptians filled their lives with art, and created artwork for the afterlife. Mummies were buried in elaborate sarcophagus coffins, covered with ornate hieroglyphics. These magic spells were painted all over the coffins to protect the deceased as they entered the next life. Paint and sculpture were integral to ancient Egyptian history and religion.
illustration of This illustration was designed to advertise a game. It was commissioned by Bonanza Press Inc. Children love to play games in a swimming pool, and one of the best games is Marco Polo. Boys and girls alike enjoy the splashing fun.
illustration of A packaging design for the Kid's Watch Co. A vibrant colorful background with graphics depicting the main product, children's wrist watches. The graphics were photo images laid over a vector background.
illustration of Every week Kaya looks forward to the one day when she goes out with her family to breakfast. She's the happiest little girl in the world when Mom orders her a plate of sweet and delicious pancakes. Even the family dog gets a treat at the end if he behaves well.
illustration of Opie the orange is a character who loves thrills and adventure. He can't resist the chance to catch some huge waves out in the ocean. However riding a tidal wave is a surprise for which he wasn't prepared.
illustration of Christmas holiday crafts and activities flyer. An advertisement designed for a program to entertain children during the festive season. Graphic design work advertising that Santa's wife will be there in person to teach kids how to make their own Christmas ornaments.
illustration of Wilbur is an unusual duck. Born rather different from most other ducks he has the unusual habit of flying upside down. Such peculiar behavior often leads Wilbur to crash when attempting to land. Funny as a clown.
illustration of Shelly is a very curious Giraffe. An animal so curious she has to poke her large nose and even longer neck into everyone's business. Like a child she asks questions about everything.
illustration of Opie the orange is a daring and adventurous piece of fruit, but even he knows to be cautious when a bridge looks unsafe. To be safe he stops to think and decides that there has to be a better way to cross the ravine. Safety first!
illustration of There are many caves on the Funny Fruit Farm, and Opie the orange is eager to explore every inch of the deep dark underground. With his electric light he's off on another adventure down below ready to learn all there is to be known about caves.
illustration of Funny Fruit Farm has some spectacular scenic nature, but one of the best views around is from the mesas in the nearby desert. Opie the orange, being drawn to adventure, can't resist climbing to the very top.
illustration of Hippita Hippo was a very sad animal. All of here life she dreamed of flying, but such a wonder was never meant for a creature as large as a hippopotamus. She wandered about deeply sorrowful until the day she met Clyde the giraffe and his little friend Marty. These new found friends helped Hippita to realize her dream of soaring through the sky by clever use of a hot air balloon.
illustration of Proton Gator is often shunned by the other swamp animals because of his odd green glow, so he makes friends with a little boy who shares his love for fishing. When the child becomes ill and has to go to a hospital, a visit from Proton and his special green glow works a healing wonder.
illustration of Oinky the piglet has a very vivid imagination. One of his favorite fantasy day dreams is to have a pet dinosaur. Preferably a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Teaching his pet to carry him home would be no trouble, as Oinky is filled with clever ideas.
illustration of This illustration was designed to advertise a game. It was commissioned by Bonanza Press Inc. This crew of Dalmatians puppies cant resist playing firefighters. Of course they're not terribly reliable when it comes to getting a cat out of a tree.
illustration of This illustration was designed to advertise a game. It was commissioned by Bonanza Press Inc. In numerous cartoons and other media, elaborate traps have long been designed by cunning cats to trap mischievous mice. However when the trap backfires it's almost as ridiculous, funny, or comical as the mouse trap itself.
illustration of This illustration was designed to advertise a game. It was commissioned by Bonanza Press Inc. Toucans may be beautiful birds with huge beaks dwelling in tropical jungles or rain forests, but even they deserve the chance to win a prize. To increase the odds of winning, two toucans can work together.
illustration of This illustration was designed to advertise a game. It was commissioned by Bonanza Press Inc. Slugs are funny characters to design. They're such slow animals though, they need some pep though to get them going. Why not a stimulating coffee brew guaranteed to jump start even the most sluggish slug into an active state.
illustration of Penelope is a very smart and curious little puzzle piece. With the help of her good friends, Paige and Paxton, she's about to find her perfect fit. Penelope loves to build and design with her toys and play sets, so her fit is engineering. A wealth of education awaits her.
illustration of Paige and Paxton are two very active little puzzle pieces, but one of their favorite sports is to race on roller-skates. Whenever they plan to race through the park they make sure to include Mom and Dad. The perfect family outdoor activity.
illustration of Curious and always interested in expanding their education, Paige and Paxton want to learn all about the giant prehistoric animals that once roamed their home of Puzzleland. Paige uses her imagination to picture what it would be like to have a dinosaur in their school.
illustration of Try to imagine a fantasy so funny and odd. Such as swimming through a sea of cotton candy. Make sure your cat sails along in a boat to count your laps.
illustration of Oinky the piglet loves to imagine fantastic adventures. He wants to take a dog sled across the deep snow all the way to the Arctic. Passing igloos, pine trees, and towering snow drifts, his curiosity for geography and adventure knows no bounds.
illustration of A Bedouin Arab nomad from long ago times travels across the desert atop his camel. History and other cultures do inspire.
illustration of Christmas is a fun and wonderful holiday, even for the animals in Ray's pet shop that look forward to being gifts for happy children. The frog, rabbit, bird, and fish are all filled with joy. One little snake named Sylvester feels sad because no one has bought him yet as a present.


Josh McGill is an Illustrator/Graphic designer who freelances his talent to any and all interested clients. He is skilled in conventional forms of media such as paint and pencil, and is also skilled in many computer design programs like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Figure drawing and portraiture are among some of his past accomplishments, but his real passion is in cartooning and creating illustrations for children's books. Samples of Josh's work can be viewed at his online portfolio,


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