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Ajax the Octopus Wants to Make Art

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Characters illustration for a new picture book project that I am writing and illustrating- A baby octopus discovers he wants to make good art.


Willoughby and Friends

A young dragon gets help from some unlikely friends, dragons, learning to become friends, friendship, kindness, acceptance, fairies, gnomes, fantasy, children's books, fairy tales, children's fantasy, book covers, fantasy characters for kids, picture books, games, puzzles, toys and children's products.

© Kim Sponaugle

Mr. Hedgehog and Wifey

Two little hedgehogs begin life together. Wildlife, cartoon, woodland animals, forest family, woodland critters, hedgehogs, animal families, children's books, picture books,character design, games and puzzles, children's products, cute animal characters, nature, outdoor animals, forest creatures, stories about animals.

© Kim Sponaugle

baby octopus artist

Baby Octopus wants to be an artist, octopus, young octopus, octopus, sea creatures, ocean creatures, picture book, children's book, character development, branding, games, puzzles, cards, children's products, sea animals, cartoons, animals in the ocean, deep sea creatures, whimsical octopus, baby octopus.

© Kim Sponaugle

Kid listening for an answer

Little girl listening, preschoolers, children's characters, children's book character,happy kids, kids ask questions, rambunctious children, kids asking why, character development, children's toys and games characters

© Kim Sponaugle

Hedgehog family walks home

hedgehogs, animal families, story book animals, woodland creatures,children's book, early chapter books, hedgehog family, small woodland creatures, animal stories, animal characters, animals in pen and ink, fairy tale animals, in the woods, toys and games, character development, randing

© Kim Sponaugle

Why Did God Make Feet?

A young child has questions about life, and growing up, and about her place in this world. Her dad has answers that are practical, spiritual, and sometimes comical! Rhyming picture book for children ages 5-8.

© Kim Sponaugle

The Biggest Little Brother

Cover illustration and design,ethnic, adjusting to life in America, multicultural,diversity, family, siblings, West Africa, immigrants, children, children's book illustration, character development.

© Kim Sponaugle

Land of Dern Map

Map created for fantasy picture book where dragons and fairies dwell together in friendship,for children ages 5-8.

© Kim Sponaugle

Baby Time

Babies on rocking horses, hugging kitten, teddy bear and baby sleeping. Watercolor, color pencil,children's book illustration.

© Kim Sponaugle

Randy the Raindrop

Randy the Raindrop book cover,weather, education, children's book illustration, cover design, rain, raindrop, children, character development, branding.

© Kim Sponaugle

Afternoon nap

Daddy bear and cub take a nap. Nature, bears, animals, nap time, sleep, cuddle time, children. Children's book illustration done is pastel.

© Kim Sponaugle

Rupert the Very Naughty Elephant

Naughty elephant meets his match in preschool,friendship, bullying, forgiveness, kindness, sharing, preschool, animals, Children's book illustration, children's book cover, book cover.

© Kim Sponaugle

Baby Time Rhymes

A lovely and lively book of poetry for babies 6 months to 4 years old​, babies, sleep time, play time, music, lull-a-byes, bedtime, nap time, mommy, daddy, baby, toddler, song, poems. Children's book illustration, baby book, baby products, baby toys and games.

© Kim Sponaugle


Comedy dragon jumps from tower landing on his rump. Children's book illustration, funny dragon, action, comedian, kids, fantasy, castle, princess, prince.

© Kim Sponaugle

Children playing in fall leaves

Brother and sister playing in the fall leaves, kitten, and pumpkins looking on.Children, leaves, pumpkins, wheelbarrow ride, brother, sister, fun, colorful leaves. Children's book illustration for It's time for Fall Fun.

© Kim Sponaugle

Fairy family Fun

Fairies dressed in spring, summer, winter, fall clothing, fairy fun,fantasy, stamp designs and 3-D images,children's products, Textile, children's games,children's toys.

© Kim Sponaugle

Little girl making a jack-o-lantern

Little girl making a jack-o-lantern, fun icons for fall, colors, black cat, fall sweater, football, cap, candy apple, fall boots, learning colors and words. Children's book illustration, educational.

© Kim Sponaugle

Family Pumpkin Style

Pumpkin patch family of mom and kids, fall, halloween, fruits, harvest time, pumpkins, fall activities for kids,family, personified pumpkins, children's book illustration,children's products, fall toys and games.

© Kim Sponaugle

Springtime Wonder

Little girl resting in the springtime grass with her puppy, outdoor fun, spring, animals, sunshine, gardening,play, rest, imagination. Children's book illustration for Spring is Now Here! Children's products, educational books,children's toys and games, licensing.

© Kim Sponaugle

Bullying and preschoolers learning to share

One spot illustration showing a preschooler struggling with sharing, the other offering a toy. Bullying, meanness, kindness, sharing toys, being friends, helping, anger, sadness, school. Children's book illustration, children's products, educational books and toys.

© Kim Sponaugle

Hops Cover

Tiny tree frog befriends a family. Frogs,Tree frogs, animals,children, friendship, nature, wildlife, families, grandparents,gardening, children's book cover.Children's Book illustration for HOPS.

© Kim Sponaugle

Father's Day

Dad and son mouse are off to a baseball game for a Father's Day celebration, holidays, family, play, baseball, parenting, children's book illustration, celebration, kids and parents, mouse, pastel illustration, Happy Father's day.

© Kim Sponaugle

Tasty raindrops

children enjoying spring showers, rainbows, rain clouds,rainy weather, raincoats, boots, rain drops, fun, play. Children's book illustration, children's products.

© Kim Sponaugle

Don't mess with momma owl

Angry momma owl defends her little owlets, babies, family, wildlife, nature, woods, nighttime, animal life, owls, Pastel illustration, children's book illustration, educational books and products, character development.

© Kim Sponaugle

Peace Offering

Mouse makes peace with bee in giving the gift of a flower, children, animals, flowers, bee, mouse, friendship,greeting card illustration, packaging, textile.

© Kim Sponaugle

Winter Wonderland book cover

Wintertime fun for small children, sledding, skiing, skating,snow, childhood, sports, winter, cold weather, warm clothing, outdoor play, nature, ice pond, snowfall, snowflakes, children's book illustration.

© Kim Sponaugle

Hello Pepi

Tiny puppy finds his way into young girl's heart and home. Animals,adoption, puppies,children, friendship, e-book, children's book illustrations, pencil illustration, book covers, children's products.

© Kim Sponaugle

Papa and piggie pie

Papa pig comforts his son piggie Pie. Pigs, dad, children, family, animals, parents,bedtime. Children's book illustration, book covers, colored pencil.

© Kim Sponaugle

Pin and Po-Li

Panda is taken on an Asian food adventure by his friend Po-Li,Asian rain forest, jungle animals, food, adventure, China, baby panda, bamboo, waterfalls, rice, Book cover design. Illustration for children's book Ping and Po-Li, children's products, branding, licensing,

© Kim Sponaugle

Red Riding Hood

Viking child meets a cunning wolf, Red Riding hood, snow, grandmom's house,cold weather, smart girl,woods, bad wolf, fairytales, children's books, children products, book covers.

© Kim Sponaugle

Tot Bots

Baby robot Tot bots attend preschool together and become friends. School, friendship, fun, learning, robots, girls, boys, children, play time, babies, children's books, children's products, Book covers, licensing, branding, character development, textile, publishing.

© Kim Sponaugle

Westie Logo

Logo design for pet clothing line tailored for West Highland White terriers. Westie pup,dog, icon, character development, Pastel logo illustration, animals, children, pets, family, Pet Products, website illustration.

© Kim Sponaugle

Toddler and puppy

Toddler and westie pup meet for the first time. Babies, puppies, playtime, animals, children, children's book, children's products, toys and games, textile,

© Kim Sponaugle

Playing in the rain

Preschool boy and girl play in the spring rain, baby ducks,umbrellas, crocus, flowers, baby chicks. raindrops, nature, outdoors, children, play time. Children's book illustration for Spring is Now Here!, book cover, children's products, branding, character development, toys and games.

© Kim Sponaugle

Willoughby the Friendly

This Friendly dragon is on a quest to make the most unlikely characters his friends.

© Kim Sponaugle

Pumpkin Farm

Families visit pumpkin patch to find that special pumpkin.Illustration from children's book A Time for Fall Fun. Mom, dad, sister. brother, grand mom, pumpkins, fall, autumn, harvest, picking a pumpkin, family time, family fun, outdoor, fall weather,Children, children's books, character development, children's products, toys and games.

© Kim Sponaugle

Autumn paper doll

Fall paper doll character used to alongside a Halloween children's book included in Autumn craft parties. Character design, Branding,licensing, children's characters, toys and games, children's books, children's products.

© Kim Sponaugle

Fairy fun time

Fairies in action, music, baking, and sports, flute,cupcakes, tennis, stamp design and illustration, craft design, children's products, children's books, character development, textiles, toys and games.

© Kim Sponaugle

Nickerbacher the Funniest Dragon

Fairy tale dragon decides to follow his dream to be a stand up comedian instead of protecting princesses. Fairy tales, fantasy, kingdom, comedy, jokes, laughter, children, families, woodland creatures, prince, princess, castle, comedy club. Watercolor cover illustration for children's book, children's products, toys and games, character development, branding, licensing.

© Kim Sponaugle

Kim Sponaugle


As a kid, Kim Sponaugle had a very active imagination. If she had not found a sketch pencil to doodle, she may have landed in the circus! Upon graduation from The Art Institute of Philadelphia, she began working for DC Cook Publishing, designing children's curriculum but soon found her heart vocation in children’s illustration. While working as a kid’s portrait artist, Kim developed a style that captured the effervescence of childhood and has tried to incorporate that joy into her book work. In 2007, Kim started Picture Kitchen Studio, and has since had the opportunity and pleasure of illustrating more than sixty books for kids. Picture Kitchen Studio has been honored to receive the Mom’s Choice, Pinnacle Book, CIPA EVVY and Reader’s Favorite Awards.


Animation, Black & White, Cartoon, Colored Pencil, Digital, Line with Color, Logo Design, Mixed Media, Pastel, Pen & Ink, Pencil, Stylized, Watercolor, Whimsical, Concept Art, e-Learning


Action, Adventure, Animals, Book Covers, Botanical, Character Development, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Education, Family, Fantasy, Food, Greeting Cards, Holidays, Icons, Licensing, Maps, Nature, Packaging, Product, Sci-Fi, Textiles, Toys & Games, Web Illustration, Wildlife, Agriculture, Feminine, Ethnic, Game, Branding