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dragon, wolf, transmutation, circle, human, constellations, floral, forest, vines, lion, desert, dunes, compass, mortar, herbs, bow, arrow, buffalo, mountain, egg, wandering, hand, castle, windows, wind, ethereal, souther, oracle, tiara, empress, magnolia,turtle,swamp, trees, snakes, entwined, decorative, art nouveau, gothic, illustration, fine art, narrative, eternal, infinity, fantasy, magic, alchemy, storytelling, marble, glass, shell, tortoise,

© Jessie Boulard

Year of the Fire Rooster

rooster, zodiac, fire, monkey, sakura, blossom, lantern, chinese, 2017, animal, bird, avian, farm, red, yellow, orange, pink, brown, white, black, ink, talon, claws, festival, china, asian, asia, oriental, wildlife, wings, flight, dance, year, line, botanical, flora, fauna, children, adolescence, horoscope, imp, monk, cherry, flowers, flower, new, light, decor, spring, summer

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Global Scarcity

publishing, advertising, agriculture, animals, beauty, botanical, children, book, decorative, design, digital, educational, entertainment, family, floral, fun, health, lifestyles, magazines, media, realism, spiritual, teenagers, travel, urban, weather, wood, youth, general, texture, purple, blue, brown, green, yellow, white, black, wild, swans, lily pads, goldfish, fish, underwater, aquatic, global, economics, warming, environment, mockup, save the world, bubbles, depth, lake, pond, gold,

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Aboriginal Issues

aboriginal, issues, infant, womb, mortality, still, born, unknown, skeleton, child, print, blue, red, white, ink, pregnant, mother, uncertainty,

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Fox and the Cradle

parenting, fox, finch, yellow, eggs, baby, fetus, unborn, childhood, pregnancy, protection, flowers, thistle, red, blue, purple, green, ink, brown, white, black, splatter, texture, digital, seed, birth, mother, father, child, yolk, thorns, nest, branches, bed, tangled, fur, feathers, claws, predator, hunting, hiding, parents, illustration, design, publishing, ages, birthday, girl, boy, female, male, decorative, digital, family, floral, fun, gardening, home, kids,

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The Red Bull

The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle. book, art, illustration, jessie boulard, peter s. beagle, knight, bull, red, horse, castle, shinning, armour, armor, sea, storm, white, yellow, red, fire, orange, hooves, road, cliffs, trees, forest, foam, brown, green, black, ink, digital, texture, publishing, design, cover, storytelling, nature, animals, plants, weather, fiction, fantasy, medieval, line, colour,

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Conceptual depiction of the cyclical relationship between Humans and Nature. symbiosis, pregnancy, fetus, life, child, love, nature, survival, global warming, relationship, working, together, vegan, whole foods, plant, based, diet, health, nature, flower, floral, yellow, orange, ink, line, pelvis, skeleton, roots, earth, pot, soil, bud, growth, living, thriving, editorial, conceptual, illustration, design, texture, leaves, seeds, cyclical, women, men, female, male, childbirth, home, garden,

© Jessie Boulard

The Solstice Crown

Commissioned Portrait. children, youth, portraits, animal, birds, hummingbird, crystal, crown, wood, botanical, flowers, bouquet, bees, bumble bee, jessie boulard, girl, decorative, design, family, figures, floral, gardening, kids, people, spiritual, women, juvenile, poster, red, green, yellow, gold, texture, wild, purple, blue, happy,

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Wild Flowers

publishing, advertising, agriculture, animals, beauty, botanical, children, book, decorative, design, digital, educational, entertainment, family, floral, fun, vintage, gardening, health, home, house and garden, lifestyles, magazines, media, realism, retro, spiritual, teenagers,travel, urban, weather, women, wood, youth, general, texture, pink, purple, blue, brown, green, yellow, white, black, wild, flowers, bumblebee, fox, fur, ear, insect, decorative, flowers, wild,

© Jessie Boulard

Jessie Boulard


Jessie is a freelance Illustrator who received her Bachelor of Applied Arts in Illustration from Sheridan College. She is known for her strong line work and love of textures. Believing that art is more then just a form of expression Jessie uses her skills to convey important issues as well as personal growth. Jessie is currently living in Southern Ontario, working at Niagara College teaching Illustration in the Graphic Design program. She spends her time travelling the Niagara Peninsula on her bike during the summer with her husband and trusty sketchbook. Currently Jessie's passions have moved her towards exploring the symbiotic relationship humans and nature share. She is working on a series of pieces depicting this relationship and looking forward to showcasing her work.


Conceptual, Digital, Gouache, Line, Line with Color, Mixed Media, Pen & Ink, Silhouette, Texture, Decorative, Floral, Pattern, Whimsical


Animals, Botanical, Children, Children's Books, Editorial, Fantasy, Mystery, Nature, People, Posters, Wildlife, Agriculture, Vintage / Retro, Environmental