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City Artist

Illustration in pen and ink. Then colour added in on Photoshop. Inspired by the dreaming of an artists and skateboard deck graphic designs.

© Stephen Wade

Big Bear

Pen and ink illustration mixed with digital aspects on Photoshop.

© Stephen Wade


Inspired by the city around us. Hand drawn illustration in pen the edited on Photoshop.

© Stephen Wade

Mr Fox

Cute illustration of a fox. Illustrated in pen and coloured in on Photoshop.

© Stephen Wade

Sea and the stars

Sea landscape design hand drawn in pen and edited with Adobe software.

© Stephen Wade

Tone Mounts

Experimentation of using different colours to usual. Line work created in pen and pencil. Edited in Photoshop.

© Stephen Wade

Spring Woodland

illustration inspired by spring and wildlife in a forest. Also development of my illustrative skills.

© Stephen Wade

Waves of the Mountains

Abstract illustration of a landscape inspired by then natural world around us.

© Stephen Wade

River in the Mountains

Illustration inspired by the natural world around us. Drawn in pencil and pen then edited and coloured in on Photoshop.

© Stephen Wade

Blue Sky Mountains

Abstract interpretation of a mountain range. Restricted colour scheme. Illustrated in pen and colour added on Photoshop.

© Stephen Wade



Hello ! I am a illustrator and typographer based in the UK. Love to use bold bright colour schemes and abstract shapes in my designs. I am also part of Ink Studio which is run by me and my business partner.


Abstract, Design, Digital, Graphic, Line with Color, Mixed Media, Pen & Ink, Texture, Decorative


Animals, Character Development, Landscape, Posters, Environmental