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The Onion's Great Ecape

Children's Book, Interactive book

Keywords: Conceptual, Lettering, Mixed Media, Stylized, Whimsical, Humor, Children, Children's Books, Food, Toys & Games

© Sara Fanelli

Fish & Chips


Keywords: Collage, Conceptual, Lettering, Mixed Media, Humor, Animals, Book Covers, Children, Food, Food/Beverage

© Sara Fanelli

JCCSF Winter-Spring Annual Report

Keywords: Acrylic, Collage, Lettering, Mixed Media, Whimsical, Annual Report, Book Covers, Family, People, Lifestyle

© Sara Fanelli

Sara Fanelli

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Riley Illustration
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Born in Florence, Italy, Sara Fanelli is an internationally acclaimed illustrator and writer of children’s books. She graduated from the Royal College of Art in London. Sara exhibits her work regularly and has been selected for many prestigious awards. Among other noteworthy achievements, Sara was selected to design a commemorative centennial stamp by the British Royal Post. Sara lives and works in London.


Acrylic, Collage, Conceptual, Lettering, Mixed Media, Stylized, Whimsical


Humor, Animals, Annual Report, Book Covers, Children, Children's Books, Family, Food, People, Toys & Games, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle