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Bruce Arant

illustration of Balloons, Ascending, Child holding hand of adult, stars, earth, teddy bear,
illustration of The sheep still sleep with eyes shut tight.  The morning sun is hot and bright.  They look like blobs of fleecy custard.  Simpson's feeling sad and flustered.   

From: Simpson's Sheep Just Want to Sleep!
illustration of girl, ballerina, swinging, windy, hair bow, tom boy, dancer, brown hair, middle school, adolescent, twirling
illustration of boys, school yard, middle school, adolescent, bragger, suck-up, friends, awkward, medals, boasting
illustration of frog, braces, dental, orthodontics, drawing hand, drawing board, smiling frog
illustration of dragon, dental, knight, flossing teeth, mirror reflection, dental floss, knight's helmet, sink, mirror, dental hygiene
illustration of frog, braces, orthodontics, dental, smiling frog, Lilly pad, water ripples, water droplets, teeth, frog with teeth, frog with braces
illustration of frogs, swamp, bar, drinking, smoking, frog bar, torch singer, sexy frog, cool frog, smoking frog, drinking frog, frog waitress, frog waiter, frog server, frogs and bugs, Lilly pads, singing frog, piano
illustration of gargoyles, architecture, stone ledge, old building, mouthwash, gargling, dental hygiene
illustration of farmer, tractor, corn, driving tractor, cornfield, corn stalks, bib overhauls, people
illustration of Farmer, sheep, sunset, tired farmer, boots off, bare feet, bib overhauls, farmer hat, people, flock of sheep
illustration of farmer, sheep, bird's eye view, moonlit, farmer hat, bib overhauls, flock of sheep, people
illustration of farmer, sheep, standing sheep, stars, nighttime, farmer hat, bib overhauls, sheep flock, people
illustration of farmer, sheep, flock of sheep, thinking, thought bubble, wrapped present, birthday present, bird's eye view, farmer hat, bib overhauls, remembering, people, friendly, birthday gift
illustration of farmer, sleeping gown, night gown, shopping, sale, blankets, folded blankets, clothes on hangers, friendly, smiling, happy, shopping for gift
illustration of farmer, sheep, flock of sheep, silly sheep, stars, hills, moon, nighttime, perplexed, moonlit, people
illustration of sheep, frolicking sheep, dancing sheep, running sheep, firefly, lightning bug, stars, moon, moonlit, hills, nighttime, silly sheep
illustration of farmer, sheep, flock of sheep, sleeping sheep, barnyard, barn, barn light, stars, nighttime, hills, moonlit, blankets, sleeping cow, sleeping pig, sleeping chickens, sleeping ducks, red barn, shhh, shushing, people
illustration of sheep, sleeping sheep, blanket, firefly, lightning bug, nighttime, stars, moon, moonlit, hills, cute sheep
illustration of ogre, monster, mirror, mirror reflection, cave, candle light, underground, shadows, teeth, dental hygiene, worried, worried monster,
illustration of ogre, monster, monster mother, monster son, old-fashioned phone, talking on old-fashioned phone, toothache, sad monster, old-fashioned stove, cave, underground, candle light, shadows, monster on chair, apron, tea kettle
illustration of ogre, monster, cave, monster eating, shellfish, bad manners, drooling, underground, monster teeth
illustration of ogre, monster, monster mother, monster son, apron, scolding, angry monster, angry mother, pouting, pouting monster, cave, hills, grassy hills, shellfish, mess, make a mess, empty bucket
illustration of animals, jungle, missing front teeth, dental, dental hygiene, smiling, posing, group photo, young tiger, young monkey, young elephant, snake, missing teeth, loose tooth, tooth fairy
illustration of boy, wagon, pulling wagon, tree, birds, squirrels, perplexed
illustration of typewriter, retro typewriter, old-fashioned typewriter, desk blotter, funky
illustration of bored man, bored person, sad person, perplexed person, confused person, hand on face,
illustration of girl, picking blueberries, adolescent girl, old-fashioned girl, historic, blueberry bush, blueberry, blueberries, holding blueberry, pine barrens
illustration of little boy, pajamas, bed, teddy bear, bird, cardinal, red cardinal, feeding bird, boy feeding bird, space pajamas, open window,
illustration of boy, boy climbing ladder, stars, ladder to the stars, ladder to the  sky, ladder to the clouds
illustration of boy, little boy, magnifying glass, looking through magnifying glass, feather, bird feather, back yard, picket fence, grass, cardinal feather, red cardinal feather
illustration of pirate, pipe, ink pen, writing, smiling pirate, friendly pirate, historic, people
illustration of Min Tanaka, portrait, Asian actor, Asian dancer, people
illustration of blueberries, picked blueberries, carton of blueberries, fruit, picked fruit


Black & White, Caricature, Colored Pencil, Conceptual, Line, Line with Color, Mixed Media, Montage, Pastel, Pen & Ink, Pencil, Realism, Stipple, Stylized, Watercolor, Whimsical, Motion


Humor, Action, Animals, Book Covers, Botanical, Celebrities, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Fantasy, Food, Greeting Cards, Health, Historical, Nature, People, Portrait, Agriculture, Food/Beverage, Vintage / Retro, Youth