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Cut Throat Razor - 'Sharp End's'

Ever since finding my granddad's open bladed razor and hearing stories about the Glasgow gangs that welded them i've been fascinated by these incredibly elegant objects.

© Craig McIntosh

Burr Mill Coffee Grinder

A fascinating object. I love imagery and objects from the Middle-East and this coffee grinder was just screaming out to be drawn.

© Craig McIntosh


Sailer illustration with Maori tattooing, pen and ink quick illustration, he looks like a really mean bastard, think I've been reading to much Moby Dick and Napoleonic navel escapades.

© Craig McIntosh

Japanies Herron

Ink on Paper

© Craig McIntosh


Illustration based on the catch of local fishermen in Aberdeenshire. I used a few of these drawings as the basis for Screenprints.

© Craig McIntosh


Illustration after reading many a classical historian’s text I can’t help but see them as baldy old men with big beards even though the romans would never have considered the hipster look………… well maybe after Hadrian.

© Craig McIntosh

Equus 56

Horses have always fascinated me. This series of drawings uses pattern and line work from Arabian and Celtic tack, saddles and other metal work within the drawings. Ink on Paper

© Craig McIntosh

Mountain Islands

Mountain Islands: ‘Stories of a glacial nature’ Self publication Digital illustration

© Craig McIntosh

La Fée Verte - Graphic Novel

La Fée Verte - Graphic Novel A sculptural lamp and a graphic novel – An ancient myth told by the fireside. La Fée Verte is a collaboration between illustrator Craig McIntosh and product designer David Ross. The creation for Analogue Social’s AS01 exhibition was the result of bringing together separate experiments in casting plaster and screen printing.

© Craig McIntosh

Silence you tarnished trumpet: album cover

T-shirt design and Album cover for the Glasgow band ‘The Mighty Sparrahawk’ and their titled track ‘Silence you tarnished trumpet’

© Craig McIntosh

Craig McIntosh


Craig McIntosh is a Glasgow based contemporary Illustrator and Graphic Designer. McIntosh rose through the ranks of Glasgow’s College of Building and Printing and then onto Art School at Duncan of Jordanstone in Dundee graduating with a BA (Hons) in Illustration and Printmaking, 2009. Subsequently, he was awarded an Artist in Residence at the Josef & Anni Albers Foundation in Connecticut, USA spending three months out in the woods distilling his style and experimenting with different mediums. His artwork is predominantly a mixture of drawings and screen printing and he has exhibited at The Royal Glasgow Institute, The New Temple, Leeds and Summerset House, London. The National Gallery, Royal Scottish Academy.


Design, Digital, Fine Art, Graphic, Impressionistic, Line, Line with Color, Mixed Media, Pen & Ink, Stylized, Texture, Decorative, Silk Prints


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