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Dinosaurs Asleep

Are the dinosaurs asleep to the city or is it the city which is asleep to the dinosaurs?

Keywords: Cartoon, Humor, Animals, Children's Books, Education, Fantasy, Nature, Science, Environmental, Urban

© Richard Morden

Map of Pangaea

A map of the Earth featuring the Supercontinent Pangaea in the Triassic Period, when the very first dinosaurs and mammals had just appeared. This prehistoric world is intended as fun science outreach describing the relationship between ancient geology and evolution.

Keywords: Pen & Ink, Animals, Botanical, Children's Books, Education, Fantasy, Maps, Nature, Science, Scientific

© Richard Morden

Bushrangers at the fish and chip shop

Its a hold-up at the local fish and chip shop. These children dressed as bushrangers want their fried food and they want it now.

Keywords: Cartoon, Pen & Ink, Humor, Children, Children's Books, Education, Historical, People

© Richard Morden

Frogs and pollution

Explaining environmental concepts through the narrative of a young tadpole's coming of age. Will the pollution in the creek prevent him from growing legs? Will he grow up to be a healthy frog?

Keywords: Cartoon, Line with Color, Humor, Animals, Children's Books, Education, Nature, Environmental

© Richard Morden

Dinosaur Hamlet

Just as Hamlet contemplates his existence and mortality, so too does this Troodon dinosaur consider it's own certain extinction.

Keywords: Cartoon, Humor, Animals, Children's Books, Education, Historical, Nature, Science, Environmental

© Richard Morden

Vigilant Panda

Vigilant Panda has super powers of vision and insight and is ready for any adventure.

Keywords: Pen & Ink, Adventure, Animals, Children's Books, Editorial, Vintage / Retro

© Richard Morden

Understanding Groundwater

This diagram is a cutaway of the geology beneath us explaining the concepts of rivers, ocean, aquifers and groundwater storage and their relationship with urban centres and agriculture.

Keywords: Technical, Education, Industrial, Landscape, Science, Scientific, Agriculture, Environmental

© Richard Morden

Seawall erosion

Diagram explaining a natural process. Over a period of time a sea wall is eroded by the ocean wave and storm action.

Keywords: Technical, Education, Landscape, Nature, Science, Scientific, Agriculture, Environmental

© Richard Morden

Diagram of coal powered electricity generation

A diagram explaining the process of generating electricity with a fossil fuel such as coal, a non renewable energy source.

Keywords: Technical, Education, Industrial, Science, Scientific, Technology, Environmental

© Richard Morden

Diagram of Greenhouse Gasses

A simple diagram explaining how human industrial activity affects the environment everywhere on the planet Earth. Increases in the proportion of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere lead to global warming and climate change.

Keywords: Digital, Technical, Education, Industrial, Science, Scientific, Technology, Environmental, Urban

© Richard Morden

Richard Morden

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A freelance illustrator based in Melbourne Australia, drawing from nature, science, prehistory, gothic horror and science fiction. I have an original style and a particular facility for charming character illustrations and diagrams explaining technical and natural processes. Not two strengths you would normally expect to find side by side, but I enjoy them both so there you go. I have contributed to picture books, chapter books, educational text books, readers, book covers, maps and diagrams. My customers include local business and industry, educational and trade publishers, and government. I enjoy researching facts to get the illustration right, especially when this involves talking with technicians and scientists.


Cartoon, Digital, Line with Color, Pen & Ink, Technical


Humor, Adventure, Animals, Botanical, Children, Children's Books, Editorial, Education, Fantasy, Historical, Industrial, Landscape, Maps, Nature, People, Science, Scientific, Technology, Agriculture, Vintage / Retro, Environmental, Urban