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Rhino Bites

Character created for a range of kids cereals in Germany.

© Nick Diggory


Image created to assist a magazine article about keeping your Mac clean.

©Nick Diggory


Character created for a range of children's healthy milk drinks throughout Asia.

© Nick Diggory


Image created for a magazine article about how pilots will soon become redundant as computers take over.

©Nick Diggory

Meltdown in NYC

Image created for Illustration Friday for the subject of 'Shadow'.

©Nick Diggory

Kids and their phones

Image created to accompany a magazine article about how kids are becoming addicted to their iPhones.

©Nick Diggory

Working in IT

Image accompanying an article about the high level of redundancy and job insecurity in the IT industry

© Nick Diggory


Poster design for an independent film.

Nick Diggory

and all because….

Book cover design. A play on the old Milk Tray adverts whose strap line was ' and all becausethe lady loves Milk Tray'.

© Nick Diggory

Bricks and Mortar

Personal project about trying to find a decent tradesmen to work on your home. We've all been there I'm sure!

© Nick Diggory

Nick Diggory

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I've been a professional illustrator for almost 30 years. I've worked for many of the world's leading advertising agencies and publishing houses and have completed over 20,000 commissions. I worked in design studios for several years, so I know how to read a brief, meet a deadline and work within a budget. I'd love to work with you. Give me a call.


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