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Candela Riveros

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illustration of Butcherbirds ( Cracticus torquatus )
illustration of Christmas beetle, ( Anoplognathus porosus )
illustration of Pen & Ink, Watercolor, Animals, Nature, Wildlife
illustration of Dragon-like character design.
illustration of Fantasy creature / character design.
illustration of Orca, also known as 'killer whale' (Orcinus orca). Stippling
illustration of Three dinosaurs
illustration of Gouache, Animals, Fantasy
illustration of Gouache, Animals, Nature, Scientific, Wildlife
illustration of Velociraptor, feathered


I am a Natural History Illustrator, from the University of Newcastle, Australia. Nature is my source of inspiration. I specialise in all sorts of creatures, be real animals, imaginary beasts or extinct fauna- my aim is to bring them to life in my images. I enjoy depicting things that can't be seen in everyday life, such as extinct animals, the microscopic detail of insects, and mythical creatures. My goal is to provide you with an image to match what you have in mind.


Black & White, Gouache, Mixed Media, Pen & Ink, Realism, Stipple, Watercolor


Animals, Fantasy, Nature, Scientific, Wildlife, Environmental