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SKOK (Jump) 

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Bear Market

illustration of
Next illustration of The Rise Of the Precariat and the case for UBI, ,work, employment, Future, Sculpture, Skyline, City, Illustration book cover, Product design, Science, Money, Bitcoin, Illustration, Money, Finance, Business, Editorial 
Green, Wash, Politics, Fake news, Environment, Globalisation, Global warming, Climate Change, Lettering,  Pollution, Texture ,Editorial, Books, Media,

The Precariat

"SKOK" The Jumping Machine Jump, Flying machine,Steampunk, Cogs,Wheels, crab, Clown, Insect, creature, Editorial, Book covers, CD music covers, Vinyl design, Fantasy Whimsical

Keywords: 3-D Rendering, CGI, Animals, Fantasy, Scientific, Technology, Financial

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