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Teddy Bear Birthday Card 

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Real Estate Greeting Card

illustration of Teddy Bear ~ Watercolor & Photoshop, Birthday Greeting Card
Next illustration of Lead Illustration for article on tomato plant care demonstrating tomato leaf trimming for Mother Earth News Magazine. ~ Dyes & Ink, food, health, lifestyle, greens, vegan, Editorial, magazine, books, publishing, cookbook, seed, botanical, watercolor, kitchen, sunflower, sunflower seed, bright, flower, yellow, garden, lifestyle, garden, gardening, bucket, mums, chrysanthemums, tomatoes, fencing, agriculture, trimming, birdhouse, nature, outdoors, gardener, hats, sunshine, how-to, Floral, flowers

Tomato Care for Mother Earth News Magazine

Teddy Bear ~ Watercolor & Photoshop, Birthday Greeting Card

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