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Heidelberg castle in fall

illustration of Headerillustration for a special website of
Next illustration of Illustration for Business Punk Magazine on a humorous article about the similarities between your colleagues and certain marine animals.
crab, creature, crayfish, underwater, sea, life, aquatic, aquarium, animal, environment, conservation, seabed,  deep sea

hermit crab

Headerillustration for a special website of "Staatliche Schlösser und Gärten Baden-Württemberg" highlighting the key topic "World of Gardens" in 2016. . . . Garden, Park, winter, Romance, Former Days, Ruin, Castle, Chateau, Palace, Stroll, Walk, Promenade, Love, Couple, Shakespeare, Theatre, Play, Birds, Snow, Cold, morning, morningsun, Aristocrat, Aristocrats, scene, scenery, statue, bird, birds, swan, swanlake, pond, pool, trees, fountain, nature, season

Keywords: Digital, Painterly, Pencil, Realism, Historical, Landscape, Nature, Romance

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