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The Crow 

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Morning Coffee

illustration of A poster style illustration based on the comic book and film
Next illustration of A girl with purple hair leaning towards the viewer, making eye contact with them from behind cross-bone sunglasses. She has argyle tights, a purple skirt, green shirt, a neck charm featuring a bee on a hex tile, and is wearing a bear ear hooded brown jacket. Behind her back she's hiding a wielded short short and scabbard. This is an original character based on a novel I'm working on.


A poster style illustration based on the comic book and film "The Crow". The protagonist stands over his wife's gravestone which has blood running down it. His tombstone sits behind him cracked in half. A crow rests on his shoulder, His face is painted in a black and white harlequin style. A city skyline with a yellow glow sits in the far background. The ghastly head of the skull cowboy floats in the sky. Done using watercolor and ink on a 300 lb hotpress board using inks and watercolors.

Keywords: Figurative, Pen & Ink, Watercolor, Film/Entertainment, Animals, Book Covers, Comic Book, People, Portrait, Posters

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