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Cheery Moose 

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Balloon Ride in the Rockies

illustration of Moose, smiling, happy, champagne,
Next illustration of Cover for a book written by Lilla Rogers. sloth, parrot, cute, sweet, happy, lazy, own drummer, painting, paintbrush, humorous, orange, limited palette, tennis shoes, orange shoes, untied laces, paint buckets, ball cap, teal, purple, picture book, mischievous, fun-loving

Jasper the Sloth Isn't Lazy cover

Moose, smiling, happy, champagne, "cheers", Christmas, snow scene, Christmas trees, squirrels, Christmas sweaters, ugly sweaters, cartoon, character design, starry night, moonlit night, big smile, striped socks, Christmoose

Keywords: Cartoon, Digital, Animals, Character Development, Children's Books, Children's Products, Greeting Cards, Holidays, Food/Beverage

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