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Andy Mansfield


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Tales of the Yesteryears Book Cover

illustration of Pigs. Wood Engraving Print.
Next illustration of The Old House. Pen & Ink.
When my mother and father-in-law’s moved into their new house, Mrs. K. asked me to make a picture of their previous house in WI.  After many years, I finally did it and gave it to them for a Christmas present.  A few days later, Mrs. K. had me make some changes, which wasn’t easy.  Also, while I was making the changes, my wife accidentally picked up the ink bottle and spilled a few drops on the picture. It still turned out pretty good.

The Old House.

Pigs. Wood Engraving Print.

Keywords: Black & White, Engraving, Line, Pen & Ink, Scratchboard, Woodcut, Monoprints, Animals, Agriculture

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