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Emilio Rolandi

Hunger never saw bad bread 

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diamonds - spot illustration (wealthy boy)

illustration of A conceptual illustration on
Next illustration of water, waterfall, river, porcelain, blue, minimalism, potter craftsman, ceramics, pottery, chinaware, china culture, Chinese, kinky, crafts, tea, cup, teacup, bowl, cuppa, drop, fall, decadence, drink, drinking, beverage, antioxidant, antirust, geometric, geometrical, crockery, luxurious, fancy, plush, lavish, boat, ship, vessel, craft, liner, flowing, current, stream, flow, tide, tendency, drift, torrent, flood, table, cultural nutrition, traditional, classic, classical, travel, trip, pleasure.

Waterfalls (The Art of Falling)

A conceptual illustration on "Proverbs and Songs" (Antonio Machado). Bread, hard, bone, bones, fragile, human beings, life, death, salvation, cross, sacred, eat, steel, daily, poem, poetry, poet, loaf, cookery, kitchen, cuisine, cooking, chef, cook healthy food, eating, meal, good health, fitness, medical, doctor, nutrition, lifestyle, knife, blade, coulter, chopper, cut up, sharp, strong, bone marrow, people, folk , heritage, cutting board, existentialism, philosophy, epigenetics, genetic code

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