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Kevin Philippe

Rogue One 

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Brown Sugar

illustration of Illustration made for an Art exhibition called
Next illustration of Woman with Dreadlocks and a head wrap having some Sun, Moon, and Stars cereal for her Breakfast. Too early in the morning. Sunlight is barely visible through her Kitchen Window.


Inkscape, Digital, Illustration, Graphic, Conceptual, Surreal, Cereal, Vector, Ixnivek, Melanin, Ebony, Morning, Table, Milk, Food, Bread, Muffin, Woman

Sun Eater

Illustration made for an Art exhibition called "Art Wars" (referencing Star Wars). Woman liberating herself from sameness (being a Storm Trooper Clone) by breaking her Helmet. \\ Inkscape, Print, Frame, Digital, Graphics, Vector, Portrait, Star Wars, Fanart, Ebony, Ixnivek, Melanin, Rogue, Liberate, Energy, Art Exhibit, Break

Keywords: Digital, Graphic, Vector, Fantasy, Portrait, Posters, Feminine, Ethnic

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