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Daniel Birch

Death to Ego IPA 

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Barrier's Frau Blucher Rauchbier

illustration of Label for Alewife Brewing Co.'s IPA,
Next illustration of This is a label based on the movie Lady Snowblood. The working title, I gave it was Lady Peach Blossom. Fun fact the character from Kill Bill, O-Ren Ishi, is based on Lady Snowblood, hence O-Ren Rishi. This is not only a good looking label but a fantastic beer.

Barrier's O-Ren Rishi IPA

Label for Alewife Brewing Co.'s IPA, "Death to Ego" The idea was a business, egotistical man is stepping into the prism of expanded consciousness.

Keywords: Design, Digital, Lettering, Type Design, Vector, Fantasy, Packaging, Food/Beverage, Branding

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