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Colleen Kong-Savage

Spot Illustrations for Friends & Farms 

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Friends & Farms About Us Page, Vegetable Garden

illustration of An
Next illustration of Financial Samurai is a popular personal finance blog site. Sam Dogen writes advice about investment and spending. He often invites guest writers to share their own perspectives on all topics involving money. This illustration was for my  essay.

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Why Is It Hard to Ask for What We Are Worth

An "image bank" for Farms & Farms, in which my client can find spot illustrations for e-newsletters, web design, certificates, etc. These are just a few of the spots I illustrated. Friends & Farms distributed fresh produce directly from regional farms to member customers. apple, steak, fish, vegetables, squash, cooking, groceries, grocery, strawberry, celery, eggplant, beer, drink, eating, eat, food, paper, Colleen Kong-Savage.

Keywords: Collage, Cut Paper, Food, Icons, Product, Web Illustration, Food/Beverage, Branding

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