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JULINU (Julian Mallia)

Malta Book Festival - Promo 

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Psychological Novel

Next illustration of 360º is a novel written by Maltese author Josianne Block centred around an unlikely encounter via postal mail between two strangers living countries apart.

Conceptual, book cover, teenage audience, light hearted, young, summer vibes, surreal, snail mail, envelope, flying, airy, breezy, social distancing, aloof, searching, comfort zone, serendipity, friendship, couple, chance, correspondence, traditional, sky, geometric, novel, debut, so close yet so far.

360º - Book Cover Detail

Animated Promo for the Malta Book Festival. Animation, illustration, silhouette, cat, magical, conceptual, chase, trees, mystery, beautiful, turquoise, fireflies, book, literature, immersion, inner world, universe, plants, double exposure, collaboration, exploration, explore, stylised, blues, surprise, run, lost, woods, forest, surprise, comfort zone, reading, event

Keywords: Animation, Conceptual, Adventure, Animals, Book Covers, Fantasy, Mystery, Nature, Feminine, Branding

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