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Tasha Goddard

Don't bottle things up 

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Deconstructed bouquet pattern

illustration of Decorative type
Next illustration of Children's character sheet - child and turtle.  child, balance bike, backpack, turtle, children's market, picture book, character sheet, childhood, children, playing, kids, kids books, board book, dungarees, woolen hat, bike, bicycle

Jamilla & Title

Decorative type "Talk to each other don't bottle things up". handdrawn type, handwriting, talk, bottle, share, inspirational, quotes, sayings, quotations, calligraphy, computer graphics, label, poster, positive emotion, greeting card, positivity, motivation, banner, sign, decal

Keywords: Digital, Lettering, Stylized, Decorative, Whimsical, Concept Art, Editorial, Greeting Cards, Leisure, Lifestyle

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