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Christopher Reinhardt

A little green panda that likes drinking tea. 

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Same shit different day

illustration of Using the line
Next illustration of A character page for the Welcome to Biggleswick book. This page aims to incorporate the characters seen within the book as well as others that appear in later stories. Where possible Characters used props to help identify their trade or character, however where this was not possible clothes were repeated to help with continuity.

Biggleswick people

Using the line " a little green panda that likes drinking tea" comes this image for a children's book in progress. The child is the authors God daughter and the tea comes from a range of countries world wide. Understanding the importance of illustration in children's book and it's potential to begin discussion, this image aims to allow conversations to occur regarding cultural practices, differences and similarities. All based around a simple cup of tea.

Keywords: Cartoon, Digital, Line with Color, Children's Books, Education

Chris Reinhardt