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Charlie Griak

"Where's Eva?" Movie Poster 

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Martin Scorsese

illustration of Poster created for Independent Feature Film
Next illustration of Tennis great Bjorn Borg. Sports, tennis, action, movement, painterly, retro style, Wimbledon, court, athlete, dynamic, graphic, bold, green, racket, swing, fans, history, nostalgia, event, strive, fila, drama, victory, competition, style

Bjorn Borg

Poster created for Independent Feature Film "Where's Eva". Cinema, movie, film, camera, Los Angeles, dark, film noir, gritty, violence, guns, chase, hero, heroine, super hero. beauty, eyes, bold, strength, masculine, feminine, angles, diagonal, cars, conflict, tension, battle, night, running, atmospheric, mood, palm trees, industrial, city, urban

Keywords: Graphic, Film/Entertainment, Action, Adventure, Book Covers, Posters, Vintage / Retro, Masculine, Game, Edgy

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