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Shawn Finley

Polar Express - Believe 

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The Polar Express - Caribou Crossing

illustration of Christmas tree scene from the movie
Next illustration of Christmas activity book covers showing elves in Santa's workshop, and magical toys under the Christmas tree. Toys, elves, Christmas, workshop, train, paint, gift, candy cane, bright, colorful, festive, merry, magic, Christmas tree, activity book, coloring book, children's book, animation, cartoon

Santa's Workshop and Christmas Toys

Christmas tree scene from the movie "The Polar Express" showing Santa's elves playing trumpets to announce the arrival of Christmas. Christmas tree, decorations, lights, star, believe, elves, trumpet, music, holiday, festive, happy

Keywords: Digital, Graphic, Film/Entertainment, Vector, Rich Picture, Children's Products, Family, Holidays, People, Americana

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