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Elle Powell

Paris Undressed Book Cover 

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illustration of A book cover for
Next illustration of A whimsical and charming illustration of Tokyo, Japan, featuring the prominent Tokyo Tower.

Blue, pink, banner, clouds, cloudy, trees, colorful, bright, happy, original, cute, pretty, metropolis, metropolitan, big city, buildings, skyscrapers, windows, pattern, hand drawn, playful, editorial, book cover, poster, design

Tokyo Tower Cityscape

A book cover for "Paris Undressed", a book about lingerie and France. French, undergarments, fashion, secrets, elegant, sophisticated, cityscape, night, nighttime, books, model, gold, stars, makeup, short curly hair, pose, full body, heels, tights, Eiffel Tower, Louvre

Keywords: Mixed Media, Book Covers, Editorial, Fashion/Cosmetics, Leisure, Licensing, People, Posters, Lifestyle, Feminine

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