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The Little Mermaid 

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Little Mermaid

illustration of I illustrated the creepiest version ever made of
Next illustration of The Yule Cat is a giant mountain dwelling cat from Icelandic folklore who would hunt and eat anyone who did not receive new clothing before Yule. Usually depicted as monstrous, I imagined Yule Cat as a loaf-shaped-mountain-sized kitten, ready to pounce on anyone who dared to leave their little turf houses without new clothing.

Made with cut fabric, ink, and colored pencil.
Keywords: Cat, kitten, folklore, iceland, icelandic, scandinavian, night, moon, cute, fable, fairytale

Yule Cat- Jolakotturinn

I illustrated the creepiest version ever made of "The Little Mermaid," while staying true to the original text written by Hans Christian Andersen. Created using my unique mixed-media process incorporating layers of cut fabric with varying patterns and textures. Cut fabric, acrylic paint, and colored pencil, 12x15" Keywords: mermaid, female, bubbles, falling, flying, shiny, fairytale, horror, gothic, elegant

Keywords: Collage, Cut Paper, Stylized, Book Covers, Fantasy, People, Textiles, Feminine, Spiritual, Edgy

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