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Lucas León

What are we? 

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My soul that overflows humanity can not endure so

illustration of The
Next illustration of The internal theater must fall if we want to transform the domain structures, in order to be responsible for personal and social history. If we are not able to see the repressed unconscious, we are exposed to repeating patterns of violence and division. From the daily treatment to our places of power, they may be contaminated by tyranny and fascism, even if we are driven by a revolutionary impetus.

The theater of appearances

The "Unmasked ones" have a dialogue with the uncertain, and open themself up to infinite possibilites. The infant arrives at the world by crossing the door, now there's no un-crossing that door, the unknown will forever be such. The landscape mutates, the strangeness moves them, the masks open their eyes, knowing themself fictions, and contemplate unlimited discovery.

Keywords: Conceptual, Digital, Figurative, Fine Art, Pen & Ink, Technical, Rich Picture, Fantasy, Mystery, Spiritual

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