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Charlotte Corden

Book Cover - University of Toronto Press 

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Going Home

illustration of Characters for a book cover titled
Next illustration of A postcard design for the American Anthropological Association that describes the four areas of anthropology: Cultural, Biological, Archaeology and Linguistics. A collage of: DNA, culture, microscopes, scientist, teachers, astronaut, digging, driverless car, tech, graffiti, language, apes, skulls, minorities, tribal mask, holistic, inclusivity, diversity.

Postcard Design

Characters for a book cover titled "Through the Lens of Anthropology" for University of Toronto Press. Characters include: Trans women, seek student, granny, businessman, trendy dad, skater girl in hijab, environmentalist mother, line up, culture, diversity, BLM, protest, pose.

Keywords: Cartoon, Conceptual, Book Covers, Character Development, Children's Books, Editorial, People, Science, Ethnic

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