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Alonso Guzmán Barone


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Next illustration of Electric Silence — is a creative pool project I did for @gestalten as part of an ongoing print series about my obsession with Dutch Football. 

Each illustration touches on themes such as perfectionism and aesthetics. This print promotes a film from 2081 with a primary focus on the brilliant mind of Dennis Bergkamp. 

Within the created concept, I made the fictional soundtrack available via light sail, a technology used for propulsion and transmission using sunlight in space.

Electric Silence

JOSEEEEEEE! — An in-depth look at controversial baseball star José Canseco's Silver Slugger years. Animated version of an illustrated print created as part of a commissioned sports series. *Baseball, Sport heroes, Sports Magazine, Poster, Jose Canseco.

Keywords: Digital, Line with Color, Realism, Editorial, People, Portrait, Posters, Sports, Masculine

Alonso Guzmán Barone