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This year theme is freedom 

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Book cover illustration. “House of good-bye”

illustration of
Next illustration of Illustration for an article “The Dashing Women of the 1990-s.” in the ForbesWoman Russia. 1990-s was the post USSR epoch when the USSR was already in ruins and Russia as a state was not shaped yet, the epoch marked by an outburst of banditry. Women in business were a very rare bird in Russia of that time - too risky. It is a short cartoon with an ironic character flavored by typical looks of the 1990-s and wannabe-trendy images, meant to frame a rather serious article.

The Dashing Women of the 1990-s. ForbesWoman

"This year theme is freedom". Understood as the most important thing we have. As the joy of search and discovery. Illustration was created for “Message to Man” non-fiction film festival advertising poster. First version. Second version.

Keywords: Collage, Conceptual, Digital, Photoillustration, Silhouette, Concept Art, Film/Entertainment, People, Political, Posters

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