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Lady Justice for Forbes Woman 

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Lady Justice for Forbes Woman

illustration of Illustration series for the Forbes Woman Russia magazine
Next illustration of Illustration for ForbesWoman Russia «On how misogyny between women can damage one’s career no less than gender discrimination».
In Russia the misogyny with woman letting down other woman to an extent that it can become an obstacle much tougher than gender discrimination is unfortunately widely spread. The opportunity deficit, the competition fear, lack of role models. This is the first and main illustration in the series of three.

ForbesWoman. Misogyny between women

Illustration series for the Forbes Woman Russia magazine "How international conversions trying to protect women from the domestic violence". I drew Lady Justice as a woman in her daily life to highlight the problem. I have coded some symbols inside illustrations to make readers think more about the domestic violence.

Keywords: Conceptual, Figurative, Concept Art, Editorial, Family, People, Political, Lifestyle, Feminine, Edgy

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