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Finally Holiday 

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A point of view

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Next illustration of A picture in memory of a late friend and his kind of humour, like changing a word in the main phrase of Jesus Christ Superstar's Last Supper from apostle to opossum.
lettering, hand lettering, script lettering, tree, sundown, sunlight, dramatic, animal, music, guitar, opossum, floral, hill

Always hoped that I'd be an opossum

"Finally" is a fictitious beverage brand. During the pandemic we all had to do without a lot. What if we would have been able to buy some of our social needs at the market? Maybe a bottle of fresh „Holiday“, swinging „Nightlife“ or sparkling „Culture“! logo, branding, lettering, beverage, fun, characters, beach, sun, sea, surf, family

Keywords: Conceptual, Lettering, Texture, Vector, Holidays, People, Food/Beverage, Vintage / Retro, Branding, Logos

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