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Home Alone

illustration of While living in Manhattan, I did a series entitled,
Next illustration of I was commissioned by the Casella family to create a catalog cover that would represent their newest line of Italian import foods and products.
I wanted to give the cover an old world look by doing a watercolor painting. I had met with the owners to do multiple pencil sketches before they selected the composition which they approved as their cover painting. A color marker comp was provided as my final sign-off for the painting.

Casella Foods Catalog Cover

While living in Manhattan, I did a series entitled, "Urban Plight". The entire series was done on large blue construction paper using Nu-pastel and chalk. I captured moments of NYC with rough sketches done in small sketchbooks. Latter, each drawing was redrawn using a limited palette of Nu-Pastels. I have a few pieces in my personal collection that I didn't sell.

Keywords: Fine Art, Impressionistic, Pastel, Realism, Stylized, Editorial, Political, Still Life, Lifestyle, Urban

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