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Steampunk Sandman 

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Wrap Around Cover book 2

illustration of I began a series of
Next illustration of I've always enjoyed Science Fiction, the aliens and the alien worlds that are their homes. Using watercolor, I painted a series of paintings that reflected on alien creatures and their environments. Alien Pods shows a creature made up a variety of pieces from our insect and amphibious life forms. In the pods are human captives preserved for a next meal.

Alien Pods

I began a series of "Steampunk" portraits of characters I created. "Sandman", began my series as a survivor of what appears to be an apocalypse. I added a few posters that reflect on the current state of affairs posted on the wall behind him. Some of the posters show a bomb shelter, a virus outbreak, and our 2nd amendment-right to bear arms.

Keywords: Comps, Conceptual, Figurative, Mixed Media, Pen & Ink, Action, Comic Book, Fantasy, Political, Sci-Fi

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