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Future Soldier 

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NYC Street Scene

illustration of Future Soldier is part of a Fantasy body of artwork categorized in a
Next illustration of Every Halloween I create a limited edition series of iconic Halloween monsters and images. The Halloween Wolfman is a mixed media painting that began with a pencil drawing followed by a ink rendering. The final ink drawing was then finalized as a marker comp and scanned in for a digital
composition using a mixed media painting for the background. This artwork was also repurposed for a six piece postage stamp set to commemorate 
the holiday of Halloween.

Traditional Wolfman

Future Soldier is part of a Fantasy body of artwork categorized in a "Steampunk" series. With a urban landscape in ruins, a destroyed droid, and a small childs' teddy bear, future warfare takes its' toll. The artwork began with a detailed pencil drawing followed by a marker comp. The background is a mixed media painting-using a resist process with oil and water-based paints. All the artwork was photographed and composed digitally. This artwork also is published in a series of trading cards.

Keywords: Digital, Line with Color, Mixed Media, Pen & Ink, Concept Art, Adventure, Character Development, Futuristic, Sci-Fi, Urban

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