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The Woods 

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illustration of The Woods illustration is part of a graphic novel,
Next illustration of Every Autumn, I go out to the local farms in search of pumpkins and gourds. I set them up in a few compositions, and using colored pencils, I have an ongoing series celebrating the Fall season.
For me, the gourds color and their ever surprising shapes and sizes inspire me to create 
compositions that are as diverse as they are.
The artwork is done as horizontals on a textured drawing paper.

Fall Still Life

The Woods illustration is part of a graphic novel, "The Trees Melt Like Candles", written by P. Guiterez. The story follows the growth of a demon hunter who discovers a unique way to defeat demons and the possessed. "The Woods", illustrates how, as a young boy he would often walk through the woods at night, in the dark without fear. I used watercolor paint for this full page.

Keywords: Conceptual, Fine Art, Graphic, Realism, Watercolor, Adventure, Editorial, Fantasy, Lifestyle, Spiritual

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